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Tilos Villa

Inside and outside Tilos Villa, including aerial views

Tilos Villa

Gallery of pictures of the property, the view and the apartments

Beaches of Tilos Island

A selection of the most famous beaches of Tilos

Tilos has an impressive numbers of breathtaking beaches, of any color and for any taste; this gallery cannot collect all of them. Few beaches can be reached by car, but the majority can be accessed only walking along paths. There are also some notable beaches that can be reached only by boat, kayaking, or swimming from the nearest beach. Pebbles beaches are dominant in Tilos, but there are many pebbles beaches with sandy spots here and there, and few sandy beaches. Apart from a few exceptions, such as Livadia beach, there are no organized beaches, and it is easy to find lonely beaches even during the high season.

A fantastic beach is not enough to make your experience unforgettable; also the path to reach it counts, as well as the landscape around the beach and on the backside; Tilos displays all this.

Views of Tilos Island

The extraordinary beauty and variety of a pristine island

All pictures from the sea, are shot from our boat. Having the opportunity to take a boat trip, it means to discover another Tilos, if possible even more secluded.